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tecno_miss Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void affich_MSK ()
void affich_SHA ()
void afficheCC2 ()
void afficheCyc ()
void afficheLin ()
void afficheMSK ()
void afficheRep ()
void afficheSHA ()
void animRepete ()
Sint32 animUnique ()
void aspire_BOB (BOB_killer *bobPT, Sint32 offsX=0, Sint32 offsY=0)
void aspireBOB2 (BOB_killer *bobPT, Sint32 offsX=0, Sint32 offsY=0)
void bigendianr (Uint32 *, Uint32 *)
void bigendianw (Uint32 *, Uint32 *)
void BOB_active ()
void BOB_desact ()
void BOBdestroy ()
Sint32 BOBisactiv ()
void BOBprepare ()
Sint32 chaine_cmp (char *srcPT, char *desPT, Sint32 taille)
void change_GFX ()
void change_GFX (Sint32 index)
void changePosX (Sint32 posX)
void changePosY (Sint32 posY)
Sint32 collision1 (BOB_killer *bobPT)
void coordonnee (Sint32 posX, Sint32 posY)
void cycle_ptab ()
void deplace_pX (Sint32 offs)
void deplace_pY (Sint32 offs)
void duplicaBOB (BOB_killer *)
void efface_lin ()
void efface_MSK ()
void efface_SHA ()
void error_init (Sint32 error)
void execution1 ()
Sint32 get_number ()
Uint32 getColHaut ()
Uint32 getColLarg ()
Uint32 getHauteur ()
Uint32 getLargeur ()
void impose_num (Sint32 nume)
void initCommun (GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre)
Sint32 initialBOB (GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre)
Sint32 initialise (Sint32 BOBnu, GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre, Sint32 ftpix=0)
void initRepeat (Sint32 value)
Sint32 litAnimOff ()
Sint32 littleWord (char *memPT)
void mentatInit ()
void mentatKill ()
void method_tab ()
void MSK_bitclr ()
void MSKaffiche ()
void MSKbitcopy ()
void new_offset (Sint32 nume)
void out_horizo ()
void out_screen ()
Sint32 reservBOBt (Sint32 anima)
Sint32 retour_err ()
Sint32 retournePX ()
Sint32 retournePY ()
void set_memGFX (char *pGfx, Sint32 rGfx=0)
void set_method (Uint32 vtype)
void setListNum (Sint32 listN)
Sint32 shadow_BOB ()
void tempo_init (Sint32 tempo)
void tempoinit2 (Sint32 tempo)

Static Public Member Functions

static Sint32 desinstall (configfile *pConf)
static void ecritLog (char *f_nom, char *chain)
static Sint32 first_init (configfile *pConf)
static void fullscreen ()
static Sint32 game_begin ()
static void intToASCII (Sint32 value, char *strng, Uint32 reste)
static void objectKill ()

Public Attributes

Sint32 affligFrst
Sint32 affligLast
Sint32 affRepeatF
Sint32 colHauteur
Sint32 colLargeur
Sint32 indexCycle
Sint32 mirrorVert
const Sint32 * pt_cycling
Uint32 put_method
Sint32 thecounter

Static Public Attributes

static Sint32 arg_jumper = -1
static Sint32 bg4_colors = 0
static const Uint32 CYCLE_PTAB = 6
static const Sint32 cycling_01 [8]
static const Sint32 cycling_02 [8]
static Uint32 double_mem = 1
static bool is_verbose = 0
static const Sint32 MAX_PLAYER = 6
static const Uint32 METHOD_CC1 = 4
static const Uint32 METHOD_CC2 = 5
static const Uint32 METHOD_LIN = 2
static const Uint32 METHOD_MSK = 1
static const Uint32 METHOD_REP = 3
static const Uint32 METHOD_TAB = 0
static const Sint32 NB_OPTIONS = 19
static const Uint32 NDIFFICULT = 4
static Sint32 resolution = 2
static const bb_describzelistBOB []

Protected Attributes

char * adresseGFX
Sint32 affligFrSv
Sint32 affligLaSv
Sint32 anim_tempo
Sint32 animOffset
Sint32 BOBhauteur
Sint32 BOBlargeur
Sint32 BOBListNum
Sint32 BOBtypeNum
Sint32 destNextLn
Sint32 ecranHaute
Sint32 ecranLarge
Sint32 erreur_num
Sint32 flag_actif
Sint32 flagShadow
Sint32 fTableByte
Sint32 init_tempo
Sint32 maximum_X1
Sint32 maximum_Y1
Sint32 maxiOffset
Sint32 memoryflag
Sint32 minimum_X1
Sint32 minimum_Y1
Sint32 miniOffset
Sint32 numero_BOB
Sint32 numero_obj
Sint32 position_x
Sint32 position_y
Sint32 releaseGFX
Sint32 srceNextLn

Static Protected Attributes

static Uint32 birth_flag = 0
static liste_BOBsBOBgestion = NULL
static char chainelog [100]
static Uint32 cheat_flag = 0
static Sint32 counterObj = 0
static Sint32 countframe = 0
static ecran_hardecran_gere = NULL
static gard_tecnogarGestion = NULL
static Sint32 hardChoice = 1
static Sint32 hasard_val = 0
static GIF_bitMapimage_BOBs = 0
static joueurDatajoueurGere = NULL
static clavierMackeyGestion = NULL
static const Uint32 LEVEL_AREA = 12
static RAM_killermemGestion = NULL
static menu_tecnomenGestion = NULL
static const char nomprefix [] = PREFIX
static Sint32 num_erreur = 0
static Sint32 nuOfPlayer = 1
static ressourcespRessource = NULL
static audiomixerptAudiomix = NULL
static level_dataptLev_data = NULL
static scoretableptScoreTab = NULL
static scrolleditptScrollEd = NULL
static shop_tecnoshpGestion = NULL
static Sint32 super_exit = 0
static Sint32 super_jump = 1
static tableaux_ZtabGestion = NULL
static Sint16 * table_cosL = NULL
static Sint16 * table_sinL = NULL
static Sint32 vieInitial = 8
static char zeAreaCode [11] = " "

Private Member Functions

void dmissile01 ()
void dmissile02 ()
void dmissile03 ()
void dmissile04 ()
void dmissile05 ()
void dmissile06 ()
void dmissile07 ()
void dmissile08 ()
void dmissile09 ()
void dmissile10 ()
void dmissile11 ()
void dmissile12 ()
void screenOver (Sint32 xmini)
void screenStop (Sint32 vmini)

Private Attributes

Sint32 flagDepla1
Sint32 flagDepla2
Sint32 flagDepla3
Sint32 flagDepla4
Sint32 flagDepla5
Sint32 flagDepla6
Sint32 flagDepla7
const short * tablecosin
const short * tablesinus
Sint32 tir_maxi_x
Sint32 tir_maxi_y
Sint32 tir_minixy
Sint32 type_depla


class zeMissiles

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file tecno_miss.h.

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