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techno_eye Class Reference

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List of all members.

Public Member Functions

void affich_MSK ()
void affich_SHA ()
void afficheCC2 ()
void afficheCyc ()
void afficheLin ()
void afficheMSK ()
void afficheRep ()
void afficheSHA ()
void animRepete ()
Sint32 animUnique ()
void aspire_BOB (BOB_killer *bobPT, Sint32 offsX=0, Sint32 offsY=0)
void aspireBOB2 (BOB_killer *bobPT, Sint32 offsX=0, Sint32 offsY=0)
void bigendianr (Uint32 *, Uint32 *)
void bigendianw (Uint32 *, Uint32 *)
void BOB_active ()
void BOB_desact ()
void BOBdestroy ()
Sint32 BOBisactiv ()
void BOBprepare ()
Sint32 chaine_cmp (char *srcPT, char *desPT, Sint32 taille)
void change_GFX ()
void change_GFX (Sint32 index)
void changePosX (Sint32 posX)
void changePosY (Sint32 posY)
Sint32 collision1 (BOB_killer *bobPT)
void coordonnee (Sint32 posX, Sint32 posY)
void cycle_ptab ()
void deplace_pX (Sint32 offs)
void deplace_pY (Sint32 offs)
void duplicaBOB (BOB_killer *)
void efface_lin ()
void efface_MSK ()
void efface_SHA ()
void error_init (Sint32 error)
Sint32 get_number ()
Uint32 getColHaut ()
Uint32 getColLarg ()
Uint32 getHauteur ()
Uint32 getLargeur ()
void impose_num (Sint32 nume)
void initCommun (GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre)
Sint32 initialBOB (GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre)
Sint32 initialise (Sint32 BOBnu, GIF_bitMap *image, Sint32 ombre, Sint32 ftpix=0)
void initRepeat (Sint32 value)
Sint32 litAnimOff ()
Sint32 littleWord (char *memPT)
void mentatInit ()
void mentatKill ()
void method_tab ()
void MSK_bitclr ()
void MSKaffiche ()
void MSKbitcopy ()
void new_offset (Sint32 nume)
void out_horizo ()
void out_screen ()
Sint32 reservBOBt (Sint32 anima)
Sint32 retour_err ()
Sint32 retournePX ()
Sint32 retournePY ()
void set_memGFX (char *pGfx, Sint32 rGfx=0)
void set_method (Uint32 vtype)
void setListNum (Sint32 listN)
Sint32 shadow_BOB ()
void tempo_init (Sint32 tempo)
void tempoinit2 (Sint32 tempo)

Static Public Member Functions

static Sint32 desinstall (configfile *pConf)
static void ecritLog (char *f_nom, char *chain)
static Sint32 first_init (configfile *pConf)
static void fullscreen ()
static Sint32 game_begin ()
static void intToASCII (Sint32 value, char *strng, Uint32 reste)
static void objectKill ()

Public Attributes

Sint32 affligFrst
Sint32 affligLast
Sint32 affRepeatF
Sint32 colHauteur
Sint32 colLargeur
Sint32 indexCycle
Sint32 mirrorVert
const Sint32 * pt_cycling
Uint32 put_method
Sint32 thecounter

Static Public Attributes

static Sint32 arg_jumper = -1
static Sint32 bg4_colors = 0
static const Uint32 CYCLE_PTAB = 6
static const Sint32 cycling_01 [8]
static const Sint32 cycling_02 [8]
static Uint32 double_mem = 1
static bool is_verbose = 0
static const Sint32 MAX_PLAYER = 6
static const Uint32 METHOD_CC1 = 4
static const Uint32 METHOD_CC2 = 5
static const Uint32 METHOD_LIN = 2
static const Uint32 METHOD_MSK = 1
static const Uint32 METHOD_REP = 3
static const Uint32 METHOD_TAB = 0
static const Sint32 NB_OPTIONS = 19
static const Uint32 NDIFFICULT = 4
static Sint32 resolution = 2
static const bb_describzelistBOB []

Protected Attributes

char * adresseGFX
Sint32 affligFrSv
Sint32 affligLaSv
Sint32 anim_tempo
Sint32 animOffset
Sint32 BOBhauteur
Sint32 BOBlargeur
Sint32 BOBListNum
Sint32 BOBtypeNum
Sint32 destNextLn
Sint32 ecranHaute
Sint32 ecranLarge
Sint32 erreur_num
Sint32 flag_actif
Sint32 flagShadow
Sint32 fTableByte
Sint32 init_tempo
Sint32 maximum_X1
Sint32 maximum_Y1
Sint32 maxiOffset
Sint32 memoryflag
Sint32 minimum_X1
Sint32 minimum_Y1
Sint32 miniOffset
Sint32 numero_BOB
Sint32 numero_obj
Sint32 position_x
Sint32 position_y
Sint32 releaseGFX
Sint32 srceNextLn

Static Protected Attributes

static Uint32 birth_flag = 0
static liste_BOBsBOBgestion = NULL
static char chainelog [100]
static Uint32 cheat_flag = 0
static Sint32 counterObj = 0
static Sint32 countframe = 0
static ecran_hardecran_gere = NULL
static gard_tecnogarGestion = NULL
static Sint32 hardChoice = 1
static Sint32 hasard_val = 0
static GIF_bitMapimage_BOBs = 0
static joueurDatajoueurGere = NULL
static clavierMackeyGestion = NULL
static const Uint32 LEVEL_AREA = 12
static RAM_killermemGestion = NULL
static menu_tecnomenGestion = NULL
static const char nomprefix [] = PREFIX
static Sint32 num_erreur = 0
static Sint32 nuOfPlayer = 1
static ressourcespRessource = NULL
static audiomixerptAudiomix = NULL
static level_dataptLev_data = NULL
static scoretableptScoreTab = NULL
static scrolleditptScrollEd = NULL
static shop_tecnoshpGestion = NULL
static Sint32 super_exit = 0
static Sint32 super_jump = 1
static tableaux_ZtabGestion = NULL
static Sint16 * table_cosL = NULL
static Sint16 * table_sinL = NULL
static Sint32 vieInitial = 8
static char zeAreaCode [11] = " "

Private Attributes

Sint32 centerPosx
Sint32 centerPosy
Sint32 finishPosx
Sint32 finishPosy
Sint32 radius_360


class ze_magneye
class zeNewBalls

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file techno_eye.h.

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